There are many benefits for your company in having your own website and ecommerce.
These are the benefits of an ecommerce website:
Showcase Your Products

You can showcase your products to anyone who has or access to a computer and internet connection.

Compare One Product with Another

Your customers can easily compare one product with another.

Showcase Customers' Testimonials or Feedback

You can showcase your customers' testimonials or feedback on your products.

Display All Your Products as a Catalogue

You can display all your products as a catalogue. This can potentially save a lot of money for printing and bounding compared to a hard copy product catalogue.

Your Customers Can Buy Your Product Online

Your customers can buy your product online and payment can go directly to your chosen bank account.

Your Local Customer's Family and Friends Abroad Can Easily Purchase Your Products

Your local customer's family and friends abroad can easily purchase your products using their debit or credit card if they want to buy gifts for their loved ones back home.

You Can Easily Calculate Appropriate Taxes and Discounts Online

You can easily calculate appropriate taxes and discounts online as well as creating an inventory of your products.

What we can offer?
Your website will have the following features:
Product Catalogue
Shopping Cart
Product Review
Customer Comments

"Our prices include website development time, domain name registration and web hosting. We can also provide you with training on how to update the content of your website and how to add new web pages. Alternatively, to save you from the hassle of learning how to update your website, we can manage it for you for a very reasonable cost."