S4 has a team of 12, which includes 10 qualified programmers, 8 specialising in web research tool development, one with a specialism in Android app development, and one in iOS (Apple) app development. One of the programmers has training in computer animation, another programmer has skills in graphic design. We also have a full-time graphic designer and a full-time office manager/administrator.
We have very high retention rates and we put this down to the attractive working conditions (employees have paid holidays, paid sick leave and free health insurance – all of which are uncommon in the Philippines; and all employees are automatic shareholders after an initial 6 month probationary period). This means we have excellent continuity in the work that is done. In addition, programmers work in teams on specific projects so that at least two programmers have detailed knowledge of a particular method. All software created by the team is heavily commented and documented, and ensures that a delivered project can be maintained by the client’s programming team.

S4 has experience in developing a varied range of software tools for companies in the UK and in the Philippines. Examples of completed projects:
1. Zero Waste Scotland
An interactive map for Zero Waste Scotland. The map shows the location of suppliers, including services offered and contact details. The database can be easily updated for new suppliers using a user-friendly interface.
2. Dial Test
An advert analysis tool for Blinc Partnership. The tool records mouse movements from respondents in a survey (they move the mouse up when they see something they like, and down when they see something they do not like). The analysis module shows moment by moment ratings of the video. The tool comes with a platform for the easy creation of new tests.
3. Predictive Market
A simulated stock exchange (Predictive Market) platform for Blinc Partnership. This tool is used to test potential new products and new TV show concepts. The respondents make bets on whether they believe certain concepts will be more or less successful than ones that already exist. The tool has been created to be sold onto market research agencies as a platform for developing their own predictive market tests.
4. Kerbang Ltd.
An online market research tool for Kerbang Ltd. This tool detects the 'personality' of a brand by looking for associations between 'archetypal characters' and perceptions of the brand. The tool helps brand managers to identify suitable marketing strategies.
5. ID Card Creator
A mobile app ID Card Creator for a local authority in the Philippines. The application captures personal information to develop a physical ID card, which is used to check a person's ID at various check points in the region.
6. Mind-Choice
Mind-Choice mobile app. This app is a game version of the Harvard Implicit Association Test that helps players decide between two options and does so by tapping into their implicit beliefs.
An online survey system sold by licence to several companies in the UK.
We have also developed a number of other research tools where each has its own development platform, analysis platform, and test ‘engine’ (the test the respondent takes), and can be integrated as part of a single survey. These include a platform for brand equity tests, packaging, claims testing, new product development, and ad testing; a platform for real-time implicit testing of audio-visual material; a platform for measuring attention-grab properties of packaging, products; a test for the explicit evaluation of brands, products, etc (which is a forced-choice attribute assignment test); and an explicit survey system, which is a traditional survey system that offers a wide range of question types and can be integrated into a client’s existing systems.
Our team of programmers have experience in developing online tools in Javascript, JQuery, CSS, and PHP7, using MySQL databases. We can also arrange hosting services and manage the system from the control panel, and we can train technicians in how to maintain the software on the server.